Child Development and Educational Studies Department

So what is the CDES Department all about?

The CDES Department programs provide an environment full of passionate faculty who model curiosity, professional  growth, and life- long learning.  Specifically the department philosophy is based on a  developmental interactionist model of learning.   Using a Constructivist approach the state approved course curricula uses Reggio Emilia inspired practices and nature based learning as a template for college student and child learning.

College student learning encompasses opportunities for interactive study  in a  lecture demonstration format either in the college lecture hall/classroom or at our CDES Laboratory School.

CDES Students interact and learn in a variety of ways.  One great way to learn is to explore materials in a well provisioned college classroom.  The CDES Lab is one of those places prepared for college student learning.

Student Donald a music major in the FC Piano Pedagogy program enrolls in CDES 119 Music Education course with Professor Green Pappas and becomes a lead student in developing a Fine Arts and Child Development and Educational Studies partnership.  More of the story to come.