So what is the CDES Department all about?

The CDES Department programs provide an environment full of passionate faculty who model curiosity, professional  growth, and life- long learning.  Specifically the department philosophy is based on a  developmental interactionist model of learning.   Using a Constructivist approach the state approved course curricula uses Reggio Emilia inspired practices and nature based learning as a template for college student and child learning.

College student learning encompasses opportunities for interactive study  in a  lecture demonstration format either in the college lecture hall/classroom or at our CDES Laboratory School.

CDES Students interact and learn in a variety of ways.  One great way to learn is to explore materials in a well provisioned college classroom.  The CDES Lab is one of those places prepared for college student learning.

Student Donald a music major in the FC Piano Pedagogy program enrolls in CDES 119 Music Education course with Professor Green Pappas and becomes a lead student in developing a Fine Arts and Child Development and Educational Studies partnership.  More of the story to come.