Teaching Staff

Ana Page

CDES Lab School Director

Masters Degree in progress

Tim Bongco

Lab Technician and Lead Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree

Veronica Hernandez

Lead Teacher

Veronica Hernandez – Master’s Degree in progress at Pacific Oaks College

Peace Education

Pilar Cruz

Part-time Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree

Jennifer Everett

Administrative Assistant

Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development

Erin Brunner


Course work taken at Fullerton College

Paula Cole


Courses taken at Cerritos and Fullerton College

Ratsana Thampi

Part-time Teacher

Master’s Degree

Wendy Castro


Course work at Fullerton College

Enedelia Mason

Part-time Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree

Expertise: Language of Food, Natural food cooking with children using a Reggio Inspired approach.