Child Development and Educational Studies Department


One: Fall 2017 Application Forms are due on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 to support second session classes.   First collection and submission was Monday, September 25, 2017.  Print the two page application below.  Print both the cover page and the instruction sheet.

CDTC Fall 2017 applicationpartial tuition form

Qualifications: Student must be currently enrolled in Gen Ed, or Child Development and Educational Studies courses, employed in a Early Education Center, Kindergarten or School age program and be working toward or hold a Child Development Permit at the Commission on Teacher Credentialing Office, California State Department of Education. You must be a CDES major. Contact Professor Green Pappas for change of major information. or 714 992-7499

Ask your CDES instructors for information about the application process.

Two:  Here is the power point that can help support a student in understanding how to apply for a Child Development Permit.  Your professors can support you through this process.   Contact Professor Pavelek at