Full-Time Professors

Tom Chiaromonte, Ph.D.




Expertise: Social emotional development in young children, burnout and teacher attitudes in early childhood educators, laboratory school administration, funded program administration, grant writing.

Courses Taught: CDES 120: Child Development, CDES 201: Child in the Home & Community

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Jennifer Kinkel, MA New full-time CDES Faculty member. August of 2016

Patricia Green Pappas

CDES Professor and Department Lab School Programs and Curriculum


Coordinator of the Child Development Training Consortium grant program

Expertise: Reggio, Constructivism, Nature and Learning

Courses: CDES Art , Science and Math Ed. , Language and Literacy, Music Education, Leadership and Mentoring, Principles of Early Education, CDES Lab School courses, the Assistant Teacher and Student Teaching Practicum.

Karin Pavelek

Professor, CDES Department


Expertise:  Reggio and Constructivism and Special Education

Courses:  Special Education, Principles of Early Childhood, Child Development Theory, Student Teaching,

Sharon Deleon

Retired Professor, CDES Department Coordinator


Retired May of 2016 – Happily spending time with her husband, family and grandchildren. Expertise: CDES 120 Child Development Theory, Creating and Designing Environments and Observation

Christine Lamm
Retired Professor
Expertise: Anti-Bias and PeaceEducation, Early Childhood, and Special Education
Courses taught: Principles of Early Education, Anti Bias Education, Special Education
Neva Root (Retired)
Expertise: Child Development Theory
Courses taught: CDES 120 Child Development Theory and Adolescence
Professor Kathy Baker

Part Time Faculty

Yvonne Bailey

Infant and Toddler Development and Learning


Courses:  CDES 140/141

Marilee Cosgrove

School Age Programming


Reggio Inspiration

Course: CDES 151 School Age Programming

Mary Hood

Elementary Education

Courses: CDES 260/261

Andrea Knudsen

Reggi o and Constructivism, Nature and Learning, CDES Lab School Programs, Environments and Curriculum

Courses: Art Education, Science and Math Education in Early Childhood, CDES 238 Reggio and Constructivism in the Classroom

Brenda Plascencia-Carrizosa

The Anti-Bias Educator

Courses: CDES 210

Jodi Fry

Child Development

Course: CDES 120

Debora Williams

Curriculum, Nutrition and Health, Child Development Theory

Courses: CDES 117 Language and Literacy, CDES 119 Music Education, CDES 120 Child Development Theory, CDES 215 Health, Safety, Nutrition

Laura Vidal-Prudholme

Child Development Theory

Courses: CDES 120 Child Development Theory

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